Can I use free web hosting without domain?

No, you must have valid domain name. You can transfer or register the domain name. If you have registered domain name, you need to change the dns setting to our dns otherwise you can register new domain from signup form.


Can I upgrade free web hosting account?

You are able to upgrade free web hosting account. You can upgrade it to increase the bandwidth and space or upgrade to paid plan. What you have to do is email to billing@unbeathosting.com

What nameservers do I use?
Nameservers/DNS are always mentioned in our account activation email, You should refer that.
Why are your servers located in the USA ?
Our servers are located in the USA due to the unrivalled infrastructure and global connectivity available. Response times to sites hosted in the USA are often superior to those hosted anywhere else in the world, no matter where you accessing from. You may think of the USA as the central hub of the Internet. In addition due to the fibre capacity available in the USA bandwidth prices are significantly lower than anywhere else in the world.
How do I access my control panel?
To access your control panel use:
Or alternatively if you are waiting for your domain to transfer use one the following depending on which server you are located on: http://ip/cpanel/
What happens if I exceed my bandwidth or disk space quota?
Your website will not accessible by public and we will contact you to discuss possible options, we will never bill you for extra bandwidth or disk space without your explicit agreement first.
How to install SSL Certificate?
You have to subscribe to dedicated ip in order to install SSL Certificate on your hosting account. Please contact us for further details.




Tutorial and guide


1. Publish using Web Publishing Wizard. view
2. Setting email software.























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